Why Choose Apex

Our success in precision manufacturing stems from our commitment to high quality and reliable delivery, all at a competitive price. This allows us to maintain an edge with some of the most meticulous clients in the industry.

Reasons To Choose Apex:

Unparalleled commitment

We monitor the entire production process very closely and communicate with you to ensure complete satisfaction upon completion.

Full transparency

We share solutions to all issues that may impede product development with you right from the start and during the entire production process.

Years of experience

With over two decades of experience, we’re in a good position to recommend strategies that may reduce costs, improve product pricing and in the end save you money.

Rigorous quality process

With a 99% “quality success rate”, all of your products are inspected thoroughly and no product leaves our shop for shipment until a certificate of conformance (C.F.C.) is granted, guaranteeing product quality.

‘Turn-Key’ from start to finish

We can provide design and full material transformation capabilities along with assembly and integration services—an all-encompassing turn-key solution.

On time all the time

Our yearly on-time delivery is averaging 96%. Along with this we manage over ½ million dollars in customer inventories to maintain our “Just in Time” deliveries worldwide.

Choose Apex For Your Next Project.

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Capabilities

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